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Recruitment speed is a great tool to use and if used correct it will far exceed production against the people that do not take the necessary steps to implement it. This is is not a short term game.

The various ways to obtain recruitment speed (in no particular order) are;

Training grounds
You should have 8 training grounds. Training grounds add 0.5% recruitment speed at each odd level of construction 1 3 5 7 9 etc. Once you have 8 at level 29 this is a 60% recruitment speed bonus on its own.

Within the college you will research the “draft” technologies from the military tab.

The emblem is a small gain and is provided by the commander emblem.

Lord skills
The lord skill is within the lord skills war tab and is called “battle flag”.

Lord equipment
Lord equipment provides the biggest bonus but the list is extensive please see the lord equipment article

Alliance temple skill
A brilliant skill to have, it does possess a long cooldown but you should be able to rotate it in such a way that you can use for each recruiting event during strongest lord and during the “territory defence” week. If recruit day of strongest lord is on the Thursday then this may not be possible to fit recruit again in before the next recruitment day of the following strongest lord event (strongest lord is every 2 weeks).

King buffs

Must be given by your current king.

Grand duke provides 6% and baron provides 5%

Beast passive
The beast passive is a nice bonus at later levels.

the following screenshot shows my recruit time for tier 11 without the lord equipment or beast passive. The following screenshots do still include 79% recruit speed that I can not remove. (Training ground, emblem, lord and research.)

The next screenshot is with the lord equipment applied

The next screenshot is with a lvl 14 beast recruitment passive applied as well

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  1. barraks do not give recruitment % for each. Just the highest one. If you have 1 at 29 or 8 at 29 it’s the same bonus. I have done the math.

    1. Barracks give a reduction at each level. Training grounds provide a reduction at each odd level of building. Your math is wrong. Unless you’re checking it against lord details where the training grounds do no appear as mentioned. Either way, you’re incorrect.

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