College research

Although the college seems to provide small gains for a lot of resources it can not be neglected and this is why you should be running multiple farms.

The tabs within the college where you will spend most of your initial time on your main account will be the development and military tabs.

I did complete all research for resources as well but I don’t actually gather on my main as I have marches to hide. The first few minutes that I do not take the precautions to hide my troops, my army is dead. That’s just how 165 is.

Any piece of equipment which provides building speed that you have will already provide you with the research speed bonus. Namely the waist and accessory.

Alliance technology to increase research speed is not really necessary

My order of prioritisation is

  1. Development
  2. Military
  3. Defence
  4. Resourcing
  5. Angel

I say not to prioritise resourcing as I am a fighter and not a farmer. The development tab provides more bonus the earlier its done where as other than the draft, legion and leadership technology. The military tab can be left and used as more of a filler although military still holds importance.

Your aim is to never stop researching.

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    1. There is no reason to reset the college, you will use them all for something eventually. Just concentrate where you want them instead.

      If you mean lord skills yes they can be reset.

      Alliance technology… just change the focus

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