Building speed

Building speed used to yield much better results but it should not be ignored even in these days of war and order.

The reductions used to be huge but camel patched this and that patch added 8 days to castle 30 at the same building speed .

Still build speed is a worthy tool to your arsenal and should not be neglected at all, maybe not as important to chase purple gear as blue will do the job but keep in mind that build speed and mage attack go hand in hand on waist and accessory.

The possible reductions for build time are

  • Lord equipment
  • Lord skills
  • College research
  • Alliance technology
  • King buff (engineer)

Lord equipment
lord equipment collectively provides the greatest gain in build speed please see the article on lord equipment for which to use.

Lord skills
Adequately named build speed and there are 2 levels to this, found within the development tab of lord skills and you can see an explanation of lord skills here(hyperlink)

College research
Found within the development tab of the college and the research required is called “architecture”.

Alliance technology
provides another small bonus towards your overall build speed but still do not neglect this. You can see alliance technology explained here

King buff (engineer)
provides a 10% bonus but you can forget about this if the king happens to be your enemy. If they are friendly then request it

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