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The dragon will show as the most kills in the battle log but the buff the Pegasus provides far exceeds what the dragon is capable of. The panda is the same story as long as you are using a large frontline and it’s not dead before the 13 seconds it takes it to use his skill.

The panda and Pegasus are simply a lot more useful unless it’s a beast only crown war in which case the dragons will win.

The beast passive abilities work alongside the lord equipment. The beast passives that I personally prefer are these

Force expansion provides a greater buff than more % of attack or HP.

The recruitment speed is important, especially for tier 11. With the recruit passive active it will reduce my time to train 1500 tier 11 by just over 2 hours per barracks.

Attack expert use this when attacking when your beast is lvl 15 and you can have 2 active passive abilities.

Quick heal when you have a 200000+ march and use SOS you will get a lot of wounded troops and this buff helps to reduce the 2 – 5 days of healing by a good amount.

Raise wounded limit great for when offline to aid your hospital capacity. I leave this is level 1 as the scrolls to upgrade are better spent else where. The gain per upgrade is very very small but at level 1 it’s 13% straight off. (0.2% each upgrade after).

Some players will argue for other beast passives including the gain monster experience. That’s entirely up to you, I have no need for this in 165 but I will most likely use it in a new server.

The spare skills can be used to upgrade the other skills.

Note: using a lvl 2 to upgrade is ultimately less points than if you had just used the 3 scrolls on the intended target. There is no faster levelling strategy from upgrading an ability and then using it to upgrade another.

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  1. Any chance you’ve put together s cost/value chart for each upgrade for each skill? Apparently (was just given this info), the would limit increases by a lot more, suddenly, at level 18.

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