Alliance technology

Alliance technology provides some bonuses which help your day to day WAO a great amount.

Earlier in the server you will mostly focus your attention into the “other tab” of the alliance tech with “civil engineering” (build speed from production tab) as the only deviation.

Sometimes your alliance may choose to rush some lower level production technology and this is fine but it should not be your focus unless it is a farm alliance.

Alliance expansion is your priority and milestones must be reached to increase alliance size.

Alliance maximum size is 100. (Level 14)

Alliance technologies seem to stop at level 20 but this is not confirmed in all circumstances. Some may well be able to exceed this level but RFA have not reached this point yet.

More work has gone into our production tab than I would have liked but that was in order to rush the next expansion.

Once the other tab is “comfortable” e.g

  • Team expansion lvl 10
  • Rally organisation lvl 5-10
  • Plant flags (personal opinion)
  • Tax collection (not required)
  • Help time (good to focus whenever possible all the way to level 20)
  • Civil engineering level 10

Note this is a guideline and not a direct route. You will have also have completed some war technology by now but it should not be focus just yet.

From this point on your focus will be into the war tab. Infantry archer and mages are the main focus.

RFA alliance tech currently looks as below:

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