Alliance point management

The perspective taken on these actions in the alliance shop are providing you have a good active server and you fight.

You will need to save points incase a flag war erupts.

The only items that RFA add to the alliance shop are

  • 2 hour shields
  • 8 hours shields
  • Attack bonus
  • HP bonus

On occasions of a port party we will add multiple territory teleports, a port party does not need to be expensive if you allocate points wise. See the port party article.

Alliance points are used for triggering alliance temple skills.

Alliance points are used for placement of flags

After completing all of the above tasks and taking into account the factor of a possible flag war… elite teleports and the speed ups are just not possible. You will burn your points very quickly if you add the other items. This includes the 8 hour speed up

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  1. I really enjoy these. The alliance point understanding I still don’t quite get as I am new. But all the articles are very helpful. I heard something about a synchronized speed attack. Is that even possible without jacking it all up?

    1. Thanks Celosia! Yes a synced speed attack is possible. Just press on the 50% speed button until you are there :-).

  2. When you leave an Alliance in game the game says you get to keep your honor gained. But what about the Alliance points do those get kept or do those reset to 0 when you leave and join another alliance?

    1. The alliance point are not yours, the alliance owns it. So the alliance will keep it until they spend it on temple skills or shop items.

  3. No you cannot use gems to replenish. Points are giving from donations through your aliance tab under tech should replenish ever 3 to 4 hrs. But you can earn extra from doing events that involve the whole aliance like td, ew, ea and so on

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