Farm setup

There are 2 main methods people use for organised farming. They are mostly the same, the only difference will be the troops recruited. The type of farming I will discuss is my own personal preferred method. Too many troops makes your farms good kill event targets. Farming requires good management of time above everything else,... Continue Reading →

VIP use on farms

VIP when used on farms in the right way is absolutely awesome. There are 2 uses for VIP on farms. The first use is to gain an extra march for gathering VIP level 7 grants this extra march. Save almost all VIP activations you receive until this moment in time. The extra march and the... Continue Reading →

Defending farms

Always shield to defend farms. Alliances can lure you to drop tags as all troops return home and then they can speed attack youThe most important thing is that some troops are always left home so that a battle starts when they are attacked the people can join. If there is no active battle then... Continue Reading →

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