What is targeted in battle

Firstly I will mention that you can change your active lineup in the battle by adjusting the troops that are sent but this article will discuss what “should” happen by default.

The battle lineup also changes if the first person arriving in an attack has the wrong march setup.

Unless the line up is changed even tier will target even tier and odd tier will target odd tier at the start of the battle. The article would be to long to explain all.

As default the order of death is as follows but please note that the video replays of battles do not always follow the rules directly. Certain things rearrange the line up in a crazy order and it’s yet unknown if beasts are a factor in this.

Lowest tier of the group targeted will always die first.


Even tiered infantry will target in this order

  1. Opposite Even tiered infantry
  2. Even tiered cavalry
  3. Angels
  4. Odd tiered infantry
  5. Even tiered archer
  6. Even tiered mage
  7. Odd tiered archer
  8. Odd tiered mage.
  9. Beasts

Sometimes beasts are targeted out of order. There is no real golden rule due to unknown variables including the even tiered infantry sometimes appearing on the right of the angels where as they should be on the left.

Odd tiered infantry will target in the same order but change the even tier for odd tier in the description above.


I’m not 100% sure what they move on to target as we do not use more than 1 in our attack march but I think in the case of even tier the outcome would be

  1. Opposite cavalry
  2. Even infantry
  3. Even tier mage
  4. Flanking beast
  5. Even tiered archer
  6. Angels
  7. Central beast
  8. Odd tiers will not be alive at this point and neither will the cavalry this is just as example.

Odd tier would take the same order but would be on the other side of the battle and targeting odd tier first.


Even tier

  1. Even tier infantry
  2. Even tier cavalry
  3. Odd tier infantry
  4. Angels (numbers 3&4 can sometimes switch)
  5. Even tier archer
  6. Odd tier archer
  7. Even tier mage
  8. Odd tier mage

In the case of odd tier just swap the events and odd above.


Even tier

  1. Even tier cavalry
  2. Even tiered infantry
  3. This could be angels, the opposite mages or the odd tiered infantry next.
  4. At this point if the mages were previously targeted they will sometimes go through the even tiered archers next but they can also revert back to odd tiered infantry if they are alive.

Mages are very temperamental, even more so since the release of beasts and they are also the unit that deviates from the targeting the most. The can appear wider in the battle than they should be and beasts may play a factor here.

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