Troop information

I II III IV V VI etc these represent the tier of the unit. They will be referred to from now on in the guide as tiers 1-10.

Cavalry are for gathering and have a slight use in defense. T2 cav are sufficient for emptying farms and for looting. Some higher tier cavs should be created but only for defensive purposes and infantry are better at this role.

Infantry are needed for just about everything. You should keep a good number of infantry especially when you are a higher tiered player or at end game.

Archers and Mages
Your ranged units and damage and they are also open to debate on which is best. Myself I prefer mage, they have better range and damage but once tier 10 infantry are here the made number required is huge. In situations where the alliance outnumbers the enemy mages will always get more kills. I’ve tested this with both tier 10 and 11. Even tiered archers provide a very good bonus against infantry but odd tier archers rarely use their bonus because mages are amongst the last unit they target (next to beasts) many older servers will tell you archers are best but is very situational.

Angels are a defensive troop. I send 1 in the monster line up for some extra shield for ranged attackers but only actually use them in attack when solo ; SOS, Rebels, monsters and rallies. Angels should never been used in a situation where other people are joining the battle although sending a rally with them in is acceptable as there is no one joining the fight.

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  1. Have you got any more detailed guides on Angels. We are a established realm where players are starting to use angels in sos etc.

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