The different types of marches/attacks

This article is not to cover the march type extensively, they will all require their own articles. The aim is to bring your attention to the different scenarios.


Best to just use cavalry as long as there are no resource tile hitters about.

Below are the different situations that commonly arise and all can mean different army compositions are required.

All marches should always include all even and odd tiered troops.


  1. Castle. When defending a castle your army should include at least 40% infantry. The remainder of the army is defined by your spec of troops, archers or mages.
  2. Crown. The army required to defend the crown is the same as defending a team mates castle. To defend the crown requires a great level of communication and also lots of attentive players ready to defend.
  3. Defending flags. Same army composition. (this is a strategy more than a march) I will produce an article on defending flags.

In all defensive situations you must include 1 even tier mage at least for the defence bonus to all troops


  1. Castles early game. In the early stages of a server the attacking armies are different compared to the end of the server. Early on you have the ability to use your lower tiered troops as the “meat shield” for your higher tiered troops, this includes only sending 1 of each of the cavalry and infantry. This applies to all methods of attacking but is not smart for crown. Attacking early is mostly situational and depends where your alliance has the most excess troops.
  2. Castles end game. Infantry become a huge part as you have no lower tiered troops remaining that are acceptable losses. Here the philosophy changes towards making sure that the backline stays alive, all alliance members are expected to share their burden in these unavoidable losses. As the server gets older the defenders are more likely to be active players and so attacking becomes very strategic. You do not want to be caught outnumbered.
  3. Crown. In crown the attacking army should always be your highest tier available and there should always be at least a 30% infantry shield.
  4. Solo. Solo attacking is usually only carried out whilst you are farming enemy farms. You as the player will know if you want to use infantry for the shield or older lower tiered troops.
  5. SOS/slaughter. More than a brief overall description of this. An article will be made
  6. SOS farming Cover. As SOS can be activated AFTER a battle starts but BEFORE the battle ends you can happily farm an enemies farms until they eventually reinforce and then you simply turn on SOS for 0 losses.
  7. Timed attacks. Timed attacks greatly follow the same strategies as solo attacks. Your alliance will know what troops you have an excess of and this should be discussed so any burden is shared. You can see how to organise a timed attack here.
  8. Rally. Rallies are the same as timed attacks but angels can be included as there are no other friendlies joining the battle. Angels still send troops awol when they are joining active battles.
  9. Speed attack. As the server moves on and the defenders abilities increase, timed marches unless you significantly outnumber them will be rendered useless. The defending army will just be too big and your losses will be huge. At this point people use the speed attack method. The army will be the same as a solo attack apart from you will be hitting the 50% march speed as often as possible to arrive instantly. This method is also suggested for removing the giants of the server as people are less likely to defend.
  10. Defending enemy farms. A lot of enemies leave their farms as open. In this instance you can reinforce their farm as they empty it by simply joining the farm alliance in question. It’s brutal but it’s extremely funny. As they are attacking, all troops are lost. sometimes people loot farms with their entire army meaning they lose almost everything.

If you wonder what it is I mean when I mention using lower tier troops as the meat shield, please see the targeting article.

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