SOS/Slaughter march compositions and farming with SOS

This article will list a default battle line up. Please also see: changing the active battle line up. This article will not explain how to spec sos from lord skills please see how to spec sos and slaughter.

To farm with SOS cover you just attack enemy farms and when they reinforce you put on SOS so you are wounded instead of taking losses. SOS can be activated after a battle starts and when the reinforcer joins but it must be activated before that battle ends to be classed as active.

The SOS march I will list is with just 10% march expansion and I would change this more dependant on spec but I am currently relatively new to tier 11.

  • Ideally if mage spec I would drop to 40000 archers
  • I would use 70000 infantry
  • 1 of all troops including angel as no one is joining the battle on your side you can also include an angel
  • The remainder of the march would be the t11 mage

As mentioned at the top changing the march is a viable option to move mages around but when the target is mostly odd tier this is not a very good tactic. 8/10 times I would say I use a default march lineup.

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  1. Hi there! First of all, thanks for all the information!! The time to put and the will to share šŸ™‚
    Now the question, in a SOS attack you are not supposed to use all angels you have?? As I saw, from angels t9 they put all angels in formations.
    I’m a bit behind you…my SOS is 220k t10, I’m almost C32 now

    And which troop you need to omit to move the mages? (and how would they move)
    Thanks again!

  2. This set up is strange? Why would you use so many archers if you are a mag set? That and SOS you should send as many angels as possible. This post should be re-written. 70k cav / inf, 70k Angels(or more) rest mag OR archers, one each of lower tier troops.

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