Solo attacks

Attacking solo is not the most common form of attack until your server reaches the stage where the defenders are always available in serious numbers. Most servers are dead long before this stage is even reached but I hope to change that by educating the players.

  • Attacking solo has a few variations depending on the task being completed. It’s is risky and you must perform checks on the enemy activity. The checks can be found here.
  • Attacking with SOS or attacking farms with SOS cover can be found here
  • Attacking farms and using lower tier meat shield can be found here

If you are generally just attacking solo then the march will be as follows (tier 10 mage spec for example)

  • 1 tier 9 infantry
  • 1 tier 9 cavalry
  • 1 tier 9 archer
  • 1 tier 9 mage
  • 1 angel
  • Your beast
  • 1 tier 10 cavalry
  • 1 tier 10 archer
  • 30% tier 10 infantry
  • 70% tier 10 mage

Keep in mind that you can also change the active line up as seen here

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  1. In which attack you send angels? Do you send them and if so just one or maxed you have? I heard you send angels only in sos attack

    1. I only use it in sos attacks. Try to save your angel points for t10 angels, they are very strong. Use all your t10 angels in a SOS attack. I would not use them without SOS, they are expensive.

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