How to use lower tier as your shield. Detailed

You have 2 main categories for the best method on how to lose lower tier. Discarding is never the answer.

If you are expecting a heavy defence then you probably do not want to use these methods as you will certainly burn some troops on a good defensive army. The nature of a port party is that you outnumber them though and so the losses should never reach extreme heights. Leadership plays a huge part here

In battle the lowest tiers that are being targeted die first… when infantry are targeted it will hit tiers 2 4 6 8 and then 10 or if odd it’s 1 3 5 7 9 11

Keep this in mind.

The circumstances which you can use lower tier troops as “meat shield” are the following

  • Timed attacks/port parties
  • Farming enemy farms/solo attack

Firstly let’s look at timed attacks/port parties. The best way to lose your lower tier ranged troops

The march composition will be as follows and for the sake of the example the highest tier I own is tier 8 and I have mage spec.

My march would be as follows

  • 1 tier 6 infantry
  • 1 tier 6 cavalry
  • 1 tier 7 infantry
  • 1 tier 7 cavalry

Note that this is using no frontline and you will lose mages and archers but if your target selection is shrewd then this will be a small number.

Now for the backline

20% archers and 80% mage

Breakdown of backline for 20% archers

  • 25% lower odd tiered archer
  • 25% tier 7 archer
  • 25% lower even tiered archer
  • 25% tier 8 archer

Fluctuate as necessary to your own personal troop count this is a guideline.

Breakdown of the 80% mage

  • 10% lower odd tiered mage
  • 25% tier 7 mage
  • 15% lower tiered mage
  • 50% higher tier mage

Again this is a guideline. To publish numbers for all castles in WAO would be an almost impossible task.

Attacking enemy farms/solo attacks

The same principal as above but you will be attacking with 30% infantry and 70% mage

Again tier 8 for argument purposes. Note: use the odd tier when your highest tier is odd. Attacking solo to lose lower tier will work best as follows

  • 1 tier 7 infantry
  • 1 tier 7 cavalry
  • 1 tier 7 archer
  • 1 tier 7 mage
  • 1 angel

30% Infantry breakdown

  • 40% lower tier infantry
  • 60% tier 8 infantry

70% mage breakdown

  • 100% tier 8mage

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  1. I would like to know what the steps are for a timed attack. I am not sure where to look for times etc. An idiots step by step guide would be of great help. I am new to the game

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