End game march tier 10+

The differences between early and late game are listed here. In the end game there is no using lower tiered troops to take losses infantry bare that burden and protect your backline. The latest stages of the game are fought like crown in generally all situations.

Your marches will depend on your spec but for mage spec you are looking at:

  • 30-40% infantry
  • 60-70% mage
  • 1 of each troop type
  • No angel
  • Always include beasts

Tier 10 archers have a great bonus against infantry and so are very useful. I usually include 40000 archers in the army with my mage.

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  1. I have used mages for battling for as long as I remember. The only time where an archer bonus is useful for even tiered archers is when they attack an even tiered infantry (standard battle lineup) even then they are only doing a little more damage than what mages do. Odd tiered archers do not use their bonus until late in the battle as the bonus is against mages and they will target infantry and archers before mages. Many old servers use archers because of their ability to take down 1.1m infantry but this was at first to counter the alliance championship setups.

    Also remember that dropping out even tiered cavalry will move your angels to the position in front of the mages. Archers get no bonus here and take longer to kill every other unit than a mage does apart from even tiered infantry.

    It mainly personal preference but with the right setup mages are much better. You can watch the alliance championship to see what they use to counter each other but from day to day play mages are indeed better

  2. At tier 11 archers gain a huge health buff because of this reason but tests have been difficult as I left the server where my c34 is and I have not played for 3 months

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