Changing the active battle lineup

Certain things can be done here but I only want to explain one because our enemies will read this and they do not have this information as I didn’t share it with them.

They only know about the movement of mages which I will explain now.

Mages by default will appear behind cavalry in the line up and on each flank.

If you remove the odd tiered archer then the even tiered archer will move 1 space to the right and finish behind the tier 11 infantry.

When this happens the odd tiered mage will appear behind the even tiered cavalry.

The even tiered mages will move inside 1 and be positioned behind the even tiered infantry which provides them with much better cover whilst attacking a target that has a majority of even tiered troops.

If you attempt this against an odd tiered player then the odd tier mages in a default line up can end up flanking your mage before they target your infantry. This is situational and not a rule. We are yet unsure what causes the deviations in targeting but beasts are a suspect

Hint: you can also move where the mages appear in the lineup. Tier 10 infantry can be used to protect tier 11 backline by moving them over. I will not say how to do this for now

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