Playing for free

Playing for free in war and order is indeed possible with the right philosophy behind your play. What you receive is limited but the way you manage your account will be what makes the difference. A free player should run at least 7 farms, 9 is my preferred number.

  • Your main castle can only gather gems and not resources
  • You will not build the resource fields before castle 30
  • You will not ever speed heal unless the situation demands it
  • You must farm monsters all you can, always spend all stamina
  • Donate as much as possible to the alliance
  • Do not use gems to build they are for fighting
  • Do as much research and make lord equipment in blue colour
  • If you can purchase as a one off then get the growth pack when a realm starts, if you can purchase a little during the realm then you should buy the monthly package
  • You will need to keep the beast busy
  • Use the merchant, many items can be exchanged for resources
  • Once you get to vip7 and you have 3 farms gathering gems then you should be able to keep vip active as long as you buy the 7 day vip that appear in the hot shop
  • Finding a balance is important, you will not be able to join everything but with the right account management you can mix it up with all but the highest spenders

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