Hiding your army

Very very important.

What is at home in your castle should never ever exceed hospital limit and this includes returning gathering armies.

If you shield for the night then you still need to hide troops, I’ve lost count of the times something has happened in someone’s real world and they have not had the ability to get to the game. When they do eventually return they have no troops left and with whatever just happened to them… well they quit usually. Always be sure you will be back online before that bubble (bubble = shield) drops or use a longer one.

The hospital dictates what you can leave home as idle army but do not forget the golems. Some golems also go to hospital and so free capacity is required to account for this.

The alliance fort is your main source for hiding 1 march of troops. It can not be attacked.


The alliance fort is easily found without checking the map by following these steps

  1. Go to alliance tab
  2. Alliance buildings
  3. Alliance hall
  4. Select the fort
  5. You will be taken to the fort.

This same method applies to any other alliance building and elite mines. All can be found within these menus.

At a certain point in the game there will come a time that you need to hide multiple marches. In these circumstances you will need to hide behind the shield of an alliance member with the other marches.

My castle is not even over hospital capacity whilst I change the troops for different tasks.

When you port out to do some farming you can hide your troops by setting 30 minute rallies. This will also ensure if you’re attacked the troops that are processing within the rally will not be involved in the battle.

Effective strategy is to long to include all here and there are many variables and situations that arise but as long as you always hide excess troops then you can not be killed.

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    1. Maybe 1 day I will but the whole site needs updating. There is no income for writing this I did it for free and I don’t play as much as I used to anymore. A lot of the information here is wrong or outdated now. It’s just a good basis for getting started and then learning. Camel made a lot of changes since I wrote this. I get notifications so I can answer questions but not really bothered about updating articles.

  1. Thanks anyway! As a beginner I followed most of your guide and it was very very helpful! You made it simple to understand and it brought me to castle c22 faster than ever! 😀 Appreciate your effort!

  2. hiding troops in alliance castle, when someone attack it, and do I lost my troops if still under hospital cap?

  3. Una pregunta, que es mejor, dejar las mejores tropas en el castillo cuando abandones el juego(siempre sin exceder el límite de hospital) o mandar las mejores tropas a la fortaleza de alianza o a un castillo con burbuja??

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