Territory defence

Territory defence played properly yields very good rewards. You need good activity and the alliance working together and listening. There should only ever be 1 person that is posting flag co ordinates into chat and that is the event leader. The amount of marches you use is going to depend on what your alliance have. The best methods I have used are 33% 50% 100% march.

Note that if one march has returned you don’t send 33% you send 100% it’s important to keep a good strength balance

New servers will most likely only use 2 marches because they do not have the troops to do more.

  • Remember to give reminders to heal
  • Heal in small batches that finish instantly when the alliance is spamming help
  • There is an icon that shows the wave you are currently fighting in the top right hand corner. Pressing this icon will show you which flags are lowest and should be used by the event leader to determine where you march
  • The largest hall of war determines the amount of people that can wait in a flag
  • Time your marches to land with the monster, not everyone can wait and you do not want a partial march stored in the flag
  • In the times that your troops remain in the flag you need to remember to withdraw the army to get them back
  • Keeping balanced power and a spread of beasts on the monsters important. Try to get a panda and Pegasus into every battle

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  1. Wow this guides are ridiculous you are more a WaO noob than a WaO guru.

    For this particular article, you might want to mention

    * fire demons are immune to mages so archer players have to handle those
    * skeletons are immune to archers so mage players have to handle those

    the infantry / cavarly immunite of rock giants and minotaurs are neglectable, all default marches do fine there

    THERE IS NO NEED FOR AN EVENT LEADER IN TD as you can simply click the ‘Wave’ button on the worldmap and see the flags sorted by remaining health, so everyone should do exactly that and send to the top 3-5 listed flags. Job done.

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