Healing parties

A task for the alliance together. Here I will explain how healing parties work.

When people have large healing bills the most efficient way is to heal a number that can be finished with alliance helps instantly.


500 tier 11 troops will take 24 minutes to heal with my healing speed.

The alliance technology for “help time” is level 20 (maximum) each help will provide 2minutes and 40seconds reduction.

10 helps finishes the 500 troops instant.

5 people online then I heal 250 at a time.

Obviously a newer alliance will not have level 20 help time technology but the principal remains. Heal what can be finished with alliance helps instantly.

Healing speed ups should be saved for situations where your alliance is under attack. If this does not happen because you have a farmers server then it will still happen once you qualify for end game events like void war and invasion.

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  1. I have a question : how many times can I be helped to heal troops by my alloan e ? And where I can find the exact number of times or seconds ?

    1. They added a help limit which ruined healing helps. Most of the information on these pages is out of date and over a year old now. I don’t play a lot any more and I am not willing to update any of it as I don’t get anything out of it. The game has been made paytowin, camel have systematically changed everything that helped a player get along for free.

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