Alliance point management

The perspective taken on these actions in the alliance shop are providing you have a good active server and you fight. You will need to save points incase a flag war erupts. The only items that RFA add to the alliance shop are 2 hour shields 8 hours shields Attack bonus HP bonus On occasions... Continue Reading →

College research

Although the college seems to provide small gains for a lot of resources it can not be neglected and this is why you should be running multiple farms. The tabs within the college where you will spend most of your initial time on your main account will be the development and military tabs. I did... Continue Reading →

Building speed

Building speed used to yield much better results but it should not be ignored even in these days of war and order. The reductions used to be huge but camel patched this and that patch added 8 days to castle 30 at the same building speed . Still build speed is a worthy tool to... Continue Reading →

Recruitment speed

Recruitment speed is a great tool to use and if used correct it will far exceed production against the people that do not take the necessary steps to implement it. This is is not a short term game. The various ways to obtain recruitment speed (in no particular order) are; Lord skills Lord equipment Beast... Continue Reading →

Alliance technology

Alliance technology provides some bonuses which help your day to day WAO a great amount. Earlier in the server you will mostly focus your attention into the "other tab" of the alliance tech with "civil engineering" (build speed from production tab) as the only deviation. Sometimes your alliance may choose to rush some lower level... Continue Reading →

How do I get SOS?

SOS is available at lord 35 as long as you spend the available skill points into the right positions. You can reset the lord skills at any time for 1000 gems (800 from merchant) After you have SOS you have a decision. Spend points in development again (to harvest) or stack out your war stats.... Continue Reading →

Lord skills

Up until you have SOS you should spend 51 points into the lord development tab as follows After this point you will switch to the war tab and path through to battle flag II as fast as possible picking up archers or mages (whichever you spec) This will look like this After you have achieved... Continue Reading →


This article is about forging and not what to forge. The list of what you should forge is a separate article. Being able to make the next level of equipment provides massive bonuses. Blacksmith levels 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 provide better equipment. People forge equipment in different ways. You should always aim... Continue Reading →

Beast passive ability

The dragon will show as the most kills in the battle log but the buff the Pegasus provides far exceeds what the dragon is capable of. The panda is the same story as long as you are using a large frontline and it's not dead before the 13 seconds it takes it to use his... Continue Reading →

Lord equipment

Lord equipment is probably the most important aspect of your internal castle. It saves money, it saves time and it makes you stronger. It increases hospital and it there are sets for attack, gathering or killing monsters. This article will look into what equipment should be created and not the methods for forging. The monster... Continue Reading →

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