Solo attacks

Attacking solo is not the most common form of attack until your server reaches the stage where the defenders are always available in serious numbers. Most servers are dead long before this stage is even reached but I hope to change that by educating the players. Attacking solo has a few variations depending on the... Continue Reading →

What is targeted in battle

Firstly I will mention that you can change your active lineup in the battle by adjusting the troops that are sent but this article will discuss what "should" happen by default. The battle lineup also changes if the first person arriving in an attack has the wrong march setup. Unless the line up is changed... Continue Reading →

End game march tier 10+

The differences between early and late game are listed here. In the end game there is no using lower tiered troops to take losses infantry bare that burden and protect your backline. The latest stages of the game are fought like crown in generally all situations. Your marches will depend on your spec but for... Continue Reading →

Emptying your farms

Pretty much self explanatory but there are just a few things to mention. Make sure the farm alliance you are hitting is closed and there is no enemy to reinforce against you Do not exceed hospital capacity to loot farms Use cavalry and infantry as they have the largest capacity and also move faster Hide... Continue Reading →

Rally attack

This article does not step into the realm of the ancient ruins. Attacking with rallies after the noobs have all quit or moved on is senseless. Any half decent alliance is going to notice an incoming rally and call people online to defend. The composition is down to the people in the rally to agree... Continue Reading →

Changing the active battle lineup

Certain things can be done here but I only want to explain one because our enemies will read this and they do not have this information as I didn't share it with them. They only know about the movement of mages which I will explain now. Mages by default will appear behind cavalry in the... Continue Reading →

The different types of marches/attacks

This article is not to cover the march type extensively, they will all require their own articles. The aim is to bring your attention to the different scenarios. Gathering Best to just use cavalry as long as there are no resource tile hitters about. Below are the different situations that commonly arise and all can... Continue Reading →

Troop information

I II III IV V VI etc these represent the tier of the unit. They will be referred to from now on in the guide as tiers 1-10. Cavalry Cavalry are for gathering and have a slight use in defense. T2 cav are sufficient for emptying farms and for looting. Some higher tier cavs should... Continue Reading →

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