Playing for free

Playing for free in war and order is indeed possible with the right philosophy behind your play. What you receive is limited but the way you manage your account will be what makes the difference. A free player should run at least 7 farms, 9 is my preferred number. Your main castle can only gather... Continue Reading →

Alliance point management

The perspective taken on these actions in the alliance shop are providing you have a good active server and you fight. You will need to save points incase a flag war erupts. The only items that RFA add to the alliance shop are 2 hour shields 8 hours shields Attack bonus HP bonus On occasions... Continue Reading →

Hiding your army

Very very important. What is at home in your castle should never ever exceed hospital limit and this includes returning gathering armies. If you shield for the night then you still need to hide troops, I've lost count of the times something has happened in someone's real world and they have not had the ability... Continue Reading →

The hospital capacity

Hospital capacity is defined by several factors Lord skills Lord equipment Beast passive ability College research Lord rank (from elite war/adventure and some other end game events) The gear I use will follow and the beast passive is just level 1. This equipment is easily obtained by anyone and the list is broken down in... Continue Reading →

Barracks options explained

Red indicates the troop tier Blue shows the combat power of those troops you own collectively Yellow shoes the number of troops The green line moving away from the - is for discarding troops but you never need this The white line that moves away from the circle underneath the troops statistics are that troop... Continue Reading →


Beasts are a very strong addition to the army and also have passive skills which can be used to great effect, information on the passives can be found here. Pegasus For an attacking player the Pegasus is simply awesome. As an example of this, there is an event called “lake leviathan” shortly after the beasts... Continue Reading →

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