Farm setup

There are 2 main methods people use for organised farming. They are mostly the same, the only difference will be the troops recruited. The type of farming I will discuss is my own personal preferred method. Too many troops makes your farms good kill event targets. Farming requires good management of time above everything else,... Continue Reading →

VIP use on farms

VIP when used on farms in the right way is absolutely awesome. There are 2 uses for VIP on farms. The first use is to gain an extra march for gathering VIP level 7 grants this extra march. Save almost all VIP activations you receive until this moment in time. The extra march and the... Continue Reading →

What do I use my speeds on

Mostly self explanatory but there are a few things to mention here. Speeding of buildings. I only used the speed up named "building speed up" for this. I do not use gems. Speeding of troops recruitment. Again use actual Recruitment speeds only Healing I save all healing speeds for healing (never waste any) see healing... Continue Reading →


The merchant boat is a great option to use. The merchant ship refreshes every 8 hours. The gems to refresh the merchant will reset to 10 immediately after server reset at 00:00 server time each day. There are many useful items you want to try and buy (you can't get them all as you will... Continue Reading →


The rebels can be attacked twice a day and some of their rewards include beast scrolls and chests. Almost the only way to obtain beast items for free other than the alliance daily tasks sometimes rewarding skill chests. The rebels need to be done whenever possible. To achieve the next level of rebels you only... Continue Reading →

Royal challenge

Royal challenge becomes an option as a daily task once you have reached lvl 30 and one of the rewards is azurite which is very precious indeed. The armies required for the royal challenge are huge, they also need to be high tier but there are deviations from the "guideline" amounts that camel have published.... Continue Reading →


The person that sets the rally onto the ruins should be the person with the highest hall of war. It's good to try and organise various times of that day where the people with the biggest hall will set consistently. Whatever times work for your alliance. The hall of war article explains how you can... Continue Reading →


This article is about forging and not what to forge. The list of what you should forge is a separate article. Being able to make the next level of equipment provides massive bonuses. Blacksmith levels 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 provide better equipment. People forge equipment in different ways. You should always aim... Continue Reading →


Up until level 10 you only need to exceed the monster guard power After level 10 monsters the army you send will make a huge difference. You do not just have to exceed the guard power. You can change the outcome with the following 1 odd tier archer 1 even tier archer 1 odd tier... Continue Reading →

What should I build?

On your main castle once you are level 30 it will have a field set up like the following: 8 medic tents 8 training grounds 3 farms 3 sawmills 10 stone mines 10 iron mines Beginning and method to follow 1 farm 1 sawmill 1 iron mine 1 stone mine 8 training ground 8 medic... Continue Reading →

Hall of war

The hall of war is a building which greatly requires gems to upgrade. Let the alliance spenders build this as the majority will not build past level 20 (it costs too much) I do not have the list available but hall of war level 34 will cost almost 22500 gems. Level 33 = 20000 gems... Continue Reading →

Gameplay information

The first thing to say is that your main is not for gaining resources, it is for fighting not gathering. Camel need to make money too and the monthly package is almost certainly required if you want to be able to compete in battles with other people. Spending wise is better than spending big but... Continue Reading →


Beasts are a very strong addition to the army and also have passive skills which can be used to great effect, information on the passives can be found here. Pegasus For an attacking player the Pegasus is simply awesome. As an example of this, there is an event called “lake leviathan” shortly after the beasts... Continue Reading →

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