Solo attacks

Attacking solo is not the most common form of attack until your server reaches the stage where the defenders are always available in serious numbers. Most servers are dead long before this stage is even reached but I hope to change that by educating the players. Attacking solo has a few variations depending on the... Continue Reading →

Bubble traps

Easy to execute on a poor incoming march. Trapping a timed march All you need to do is: wait until the attackers are around 3-5 seconds away and activists the shield. Drop the shield after the initial bulk returns by sending a scout or trying to attack and the shield will disappear Catch the stragglers... Continue Reading →

Organising timed attacks

The army composition you will use will depend on what stage you are at in the game. You could use End game march Lower tier meat shield Archer mage lower tier meat shield Solo march If you severely outnumber the enemy then it's an option to have 1 of each frontline troop per player and... Continue Reading →

Avoiding scouts

You can not be scouted whilst you are shielded and you can not be scouted whilst using battle fog. If an enemy scouts you and you don't mind showing off your resources then as the scout approaches your castle follow these steps. Set active rallies onto nearby castles All troops will show as being "out"... Continue Reading →

Managing farm defence

Always shield to defend farms. Alliances can lure you to drop tags as all troops return home and then they can speed attack you There are 2 methods for farm defence and they are quite simply "open" and "closed". There are some differences in how these styles operate. The main thing to remember is that... Continue Reading →

Checklist for attacking

Whilst you or your alliance is attacking there are some important checks that you need to carry out. These checks are to look for an enemy alliance joining an alliance to help defend a union or to check farms whilst you farm them. I carry out the checks constantly whilst farming and usually use a... Continue Reading →

Rally attack

This article does not step into the realm of the ancient ruins. Attacking with rallies after the noobs have all quit or moved on is senseless. Any half decent alliance is going to notice an incoming rally and call people online to defend. The composition is down to the people in the rally to agree... Continue Reading →

Changing the active battle lineup

Certain things can be done here but I only want to explain one because our enemies will read this and they do not have this information as I didn't share it with them. They only know about the movement of mages which I will explain now. Mages by default will appear behind cavalry in the... Continue Reading →

How to defend flags

It's expensive but effective. Leave some worthless troops in a flag. Enough to start a battle. Have people online and ready to speed Speed the battle and kill them Be careful that the enemy is not amassed waiting for this with more people than you have online. Could be a bad outcome. Sorry but if... Continue Reading →

Defending farms

Always shield to defend farms. Alliances can lure you to drop tags as all troops return home and then they can speed attack youThe most important thing is that some troops are always left home so that a battle starts when they are attacked the people can join. If there is no active battle then... Continue Reading →


There are 2 ways to defend Timing Speeding Hiding your troops is one of the most important aspects and making sure that farms always have enough troops home to start a battle. Always check the battle log for incoming attacks Other than crown, alliance castle and flags the defender can take no losses as long... Continue Reading →

The different types of marches/attacks

This article is not to cover the march type extensively, they will all require their own articles. The aim is to bring your attention to the different scenarios. Gathering Best to just use cavalry as long as there are no resource tile hitters about. Below are the different situations that commonly arise and all can... Continue Reading →

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