What should I build?

On your main castle once you are level 30 it will have a field set up like the following:

  • 8 medic tents
  • 8 training grounds
  • 3 farms
  • 3 sawmills
  • 10 stone mines
  • 10 iron mines

Beginning and method to follow

  • 1 farm
  • 1 sawmill
  • 1 iron mine
  • 1 stone mine
  • 8 training ground
  • 8 medic tent

Inside your main castle it is the castle requirements that are most important but barracks should not be neglected and neither should the hospital or drill grounds.

You should build to level 20 as fast as possible. The lord gear plays a huge part after this point. Once you have level 20 build speed is important.

Rush castle to 20

  • Blacksmiths to 20 (priority)
  • Build barracks to 19
  • Drill ground 19
  • Build hospital to 19
  • College 19
  • Training grounds and medic tents should not be neglected but it’s not necessary to keep them at par with castle. (Castle is priority early game)
  • Castle to 22
  • Barracks 22

Castle 25

Castle 26

Castle 30

  • Azurite mine
  • Blacksmith 30
  • Barracks 30
  • Hospital 30
  • College 30
  • Drill ground (depending on situation you may build drill as more of a priority.
  • Training ground and medic tents 30
  • Fill in the rest as you feel necessary, you will be collecting azurite for a long time.

Certain deviations will apply depending on how well you keep up with the elite in your server. It does not require a huge amount of money to catch them but it does take time.

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  1. Hi Ex, would it be possible to post a section on build prerequisites and Rss requirements for the main focus area’s. Castle, Barracks, Drill ect

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