What do I use my speeds on

Mostly self explanatory but there are a few things to mention here.

Speeding of buildings. I only used the speed up named “building speed up” for this. I do not use gems.

Speeding of troops recruitment. Again use actual Recruitment speeds only


I save all healing speeds for healing (never waste any) see healing parties

Alongside this I save the vast majority of my general speed ups (this kind)

I did use some general speeds to recruit tier 10 and I used a few thousand hours for tier 11 which was a result of months of saving. I’m now shorter than I was for healing my army but the t11 were worth it. Don’t use them on anything lower it’s a waste. 10 used to be the highest tier of troop.


Almost all gems I use end up being on 50% march speeds. Sos is abundant in 165 and always an instant attack which in turn requires instant defending.

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