VIP use on farms

VIP when used on farms in the right way is absolutely awesome. There are 2 uses for VIP on farms.

The first use is to gain an extra march for gathering VIP level 7 grants this extra march. Save almost all VIP activations you receive until this moment in time. The extra march and the fully built fields receiving the resource boost makes for an impressive difference in resource collected.

Not that the 1 hour of VIP is sufficient to activate your gathering armies and also hit the harvest skill.

Harvest skill gains are increased whilst VIP is active.


Before vip 7 you will want to build fields. My own personal method for building fields with vip is this.

I only use the VIP if I will be able to be active to utilise it, this for me is weekends. On a Saturday I will activate VIP and golden hammer on a farm and I will spam the fields continuously. This using the free time saved to it maximum potential and I think I used the free 5 min speed ups with vip to get all resource fields to lvl 9 or 10 within a few minutes of deciding to increase them.

Monday – Friday I do not use golden hammer on farms and I do not use VIP

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  1. Hi,

    On War and Order the Titan can be inactive for for all but one kindly of troops. If I am actively raising levels for Infantry, do my stats for others, like mages, still count in battle?

    Also when my Dragon has a passive skill increased, and I switch it out and start a new one, do the old passive skills still count?

    I also have many level ones of same skills in inventory for dragon. Do they all count or just one of each?

    Kind regards,
    Frankie Borzilleri


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