Up until level 10 you only need to exceed the monster guard power

After level 10 monsters the army you send will make a huge difference. You do not just have to exceed the guard power.

You can change the outcome with the following

1 odd tier archer

1 even tier archer

1 odd tier cavalry

1 even tier cavalry

1 angel

Beast if possible

Infantry calculations below.

Highest tier mages to fill out the march (archers if this is not possible)

Still include 1 infantry and mage from the opposite tier

Infantry number is decided depending on the monster you attack.

Monsters 11-15

  1. To decide on this number you will have to send the army (with infantry).
  2. Watch the replay
  3. See how many infantry die per hit from the monster
  4. Multiply that number by 4 and then add 100

Monsters 16-19 is a 5x infantry multiplication

Monster 20-25

Monster level 20 is harder to kill than monster lvl 21. Use 6 multiplications of infantry here.

Monster 26-30

You will need tier 9 troops minimum (without 25% expansion active)

Same method as above but 8 multiplications of infantry

Note: the monster should not reach your mage, this in turn provides you with a much lower healing bill.

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