The merchant boat is a great option to use.

The merchant ship refreshes every 8 hours.

The gems to refresh the merchant will reset to 10 immediately after server reset at 00:00 server time each day.

There are many useful items you want to try and buy (you can’t get them all as you will never have enough)

  • Healing speed ups
  • Recruitment speed ups
  • General speed up
  • Lord experience
  • Beast skill chests
  • Beast experience varying levels for gem and shell use
  • Troop recalls (if you need) 125 shells
  • Player skill reset 800 gems or 3000 shells
  • Elite teleport 1800 gems or 6000 shells.(extensive saving)

As the game moves on you will realise the importance of healing speeds and you should try to hoard as many as possible

I refresh the merchant to 80 gems each day

I didn’t buy more because I have no shells

Resource is easy to come by and you should always just sell all that you can here

There is an exchange function but this is only necessary when the exchange is good. Golden hammers can be acquired here

Remember that all gains are small and it’s collectively that they make a difference. If you farm properly then resources are not an issue and if you are careful you can maintain a good flow of items as a free player. A free player will refresh the merchant less

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