Hall of war

The hall of war is a building which greatly requires gems to upgrade. Let the alliance spenders build this as the majority will not build past level 20 (it costs too much) I do not have the list available but hall of war level 34 will cost almost 22500 gems.

Level 33 = 20000 gems for the swords required to upgrade


The hall as far as attack is concerned only dictates the size of the army available in a rally (alongside rally organisation alliance technology)

Rallies can be fun early on but as people get better at defending each other the rally becomes obsolete for attacking. It gives too much notice to the defenders and they can amass in numbers to defend.

Team expansion alliance technology let’s you add more players to each rally and so also helps with the attack function of a hall.

Rallying the ruins is the second attack option for a rally. The person who sets the rallies on the ruins should have the greatest hall of war.


The defensive scenarios the hall of war dictates are event based;

  • Territory defence (troops waiting within a flag)
  • In crown the hall dictates the amount of possible defenders within the royal city or towers.
  • Amount of defenders allowed inside the alliance castle
  • Amount of defenders allowed inside the alliance flags

In all situations the amount of defenders will be = to your biggest hall of war that is within that particular instance.

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