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The first thing to say is that your main is not for gaining resources, it is for fighting not gathering.

Camel need to make money too and the monthly package is almost certainly required if you want to be able to compete in battles with other people. Spending wise is better than spending big but there will always be people with a colossal spend to most of us.

Free play is possible if you play to the articles provided on this site but not as fun.

Castle Management

  • Ideally you should use around 9 farms, some make do with 3 or 5 but it’s evident in their progress in the game. Farms are explained here.
  • Do not neglect research it’s important even if it appears to provide a small bonus for a lot of resources. Those amounts you see are not classed as a lot of resources, when the farms are producing you will see exactly what I mean by this.
  • March management. You should never occupy all marches, this leaves you unable to defend or attack at short notice and is not suitable for a person that plays for an “alliance”. You should always have the ability to help. The marches on your main are also required for hiding your excess army.
  • Never exceed your hospital capacity at home in your main.
  • You do not need to build resource fields within your main castle other than the castle requirements. These add days and days to building the next castle due to waiting and so in turn slow progression.
  • The next tier of troop is always greater than the previous and building your castle is deemed priority. The increases in build speed start at castle 20 and then increase at 25 and 30.
  • Filling in the castles smaller builds at a reduced time is a lot more efficient than trying to build everything.
  • Do as many events as possible
  • Waste 0 items. You will need everything later…. hoard it!
  • Always do ruins and rebels twice a day. These are found all around the world map. The rebels are the best way to increase beast for free.
  • The merchant is useful, there will be an article on this.
  • Always donate to your alliance, alliance points help a lot.


  • Etiquette is important, I’ve seen many players who consider their castle more important than anyone else. These are the same players that complain a lot once attacked and the same people that do not take the necessary steps to prevent this.
  • Always donate whenever you can
  • It is not another persons responsibility to build your castle, they have resources because they worked for them.
  • Always check the battle log, you never know when an attack could be incoming.
  • Always press help as often as possible
  • Hang around on line a little if possible and help people with healing parties or something similar.
  • My alliances have never been politically correct but it should go without saying that you never insult someone on their beliefs. International clans have players from all backgrounds and all religions.

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