Farm setup

There are 2 main methods people use for organised farming. They are mostly the same, the only difference will be the troops recruited. The type of farming I will discuss is my own personal preferred method. Too many troops makes your farms good kill event targets.

Farming requires good management of time above everything else, they should not take a great amount of time, this is not the idea.

It is better and faster to just gather on farms and leave monsters. Monsters take a long time to farm although the return is good you can just run more farms within the timeframe it would take to farm monsters multiple times. The farms should not take over your game time, I can manage 9 in less than 1 hour a day for 4 rotations on each.

VIP on farms and how to use it article found here.

Farm setup

  • I personally take all farms to castle level 15 as soon as possible to have the ability to farm for iron. 9 is a good number, 7 run efficiently will be enough.
  • 16 is the new castle level for farms to be at as camel have changed the levels that resource fields are unlocked. You could go to 19 but you are diverting resources away from your main castle and halting its progression. (Not the idea)
  • I build city builds during the week and resource fields at weekends with vip and golden hammer. I do not use golden hammer when I can not utilise it. It’s not the idea to spend on farms.
  • Use the harvest skill from the lord skills as often as possible
  • Gathering from elites is useful but don’t neglect the fact that you can just use tiles and still return an impressive yield with 3 or 4 rotations of the accounts a day
  • I personally only build the barracks to level 6. Tier 2 cavalry are sufficient.
  • Low tier troops require less time and resources to heal if your farms get attacked a lot
  • Always leave 8 troop types at home unless you are emptying the farm yourself.
  • A battle must start for defenders to join which is why the above point is very important. Read it again.
  • Tier 2 troops offer no kill points in the kill event. They will only be targets for resources and your alliance should be helping to defend (or it’s not a good alliance).
  • If you remain under hospital capacity you can never lose troops

I make 8 training grounds for the initial recruitment but I will stop recruiting once I have;

  • 2000 of each tier 1 troop.
  • 2000 tier 2 archers, cavalry and mages
  • 14000 troops so far and with a fully built hospital (no vip) you can cover almost 80000
  • 60000 tier 2 cavalry

When the above numbers are reached I deconstruct the training grounds and build resource fields.


You only need a few techs from the research for farms. Everything from the resources tab available. Sturdy defence from the defences tab. Increase wounded limit and architecture in development and the legion techs from military.

Lord equipment

There are 3 pieces of lord equipment that increase your gathering speed.

  • Lvl 10 bronze belt
  • Lvl 15 Ice bracelet
  • Lvl 15 iron boots

You can easily make these blue in colour with the workshop alone.

Defence of farms will be in another article.

Farm gems?

After you no longer need golden hammers you should use the gems on farms in an event called the “hot shop” this event will have 7 day vip bonus at a reduced rate. 2 or 3 weeks of constant vip on farms is some serious resource and it does not cost you anything but patience.

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    1. Hi Monique, When you attack your own farm with like 40k t2 cav in it you earn a reward from camel and it includes an elite teleport. This only works for c12+ farms. Good luck!

  1. If your farm is c10+ you can purchase it in the merchant shop using shells. You will need 6000 shells and some patience.

  2. Good day
    I recently started a 2nd Farm to go with my first farm and my main castle which are both in Gamecenter on my iPad.
    I had the 2nd farm bound in Facebook and had got it up to lvl 8, however somehow I messed up and unbound the Facebook, this resulted in the farm not being available for me when switching accounts. The farm though still exists close to my castle and first farm, is there a way to recover it back into my Facebook port/server?
    I appreciate any help you can give.
    Thank you.

    1. Highly unlikely that camel will restore a level 8 castle. I would suggest burning it out and making a new one.

      Take more care in future as you don’t want to do that with a good castle.

      Activate the pin lock would also be a good idea

  3. Do you max all those training grounds even though you will tear them down? It seems like an unnecessary expenditure of RSS….also why the 1000 of each tier 1 troop?

    1. No, I take them to about lvl 5. The troops from each tier are so that the battle lasts longer than 10 seconds. When it’s just cavalry home they die very quickly. Having frontline and backline means they shoot, move then shoot again so reinforcers get more time.

  4. How do i find equipment for forging? My main Castle is already c19 and I’ve only acquired 1 piece of equipment?

  5. What is the best way to transfer resources from the farm castle to your main castle? Transferring is slow and you pay the 50% to the alliance. Attacking means you must leave the alliance then attack the farm castle while all the troops are gone… then rejoin. Is there a better way?

  6. Busch you don’t keep your farms in the same alliance that your main is in. This is very common practice set up a farm alliance or get into a farm alliance with your farms. You should never have to drop out of your own alliance except during void. And as for defending another common practice is to have an alternate Castle that you can drop out of your main alliance to defend your farms so that your main Castle is always able to participate in events such as elite adventure.

  7. Ok. Read the one about your farm castle, it’s in our farm alliance, per a member told me how to do that. But, how do I get the resources from there? And should I “cash in” my pack before trying to do anything at all? Oh please! Thanks in advance for your help!

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