This article is about forging and not what to forge. The list of what you should forge is a separate article.

Being able to make the next level of equipment provides massive bonuses. Blacksmith levels 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 provide better equipment.

People forge equipment in different ways. You should always aim for at least blue in colour (purple and orange get expensive although purple can be achieved with a modest spend) orange equipment will cost thousands for complete sets.

First method chance

Many people use a chance method, making blue equipment to level 20 and then mixing in 1 purple material whilst all others are blue in colour. There is around a 20% chance of success (from memory).

Failing this people are trying 1 purple material at level 25 and also at level 30. People also try this method with orange.

Note: when I say blue in colour it means blue materials and items used throughout the pre build.

  1. Blue level 1
  2. Blue level 5
  3. Blue level 10
  4. Blue level 15
  5. Blue level 20 with 1 purple material


Purple level 25 will require all purple materials to have a 100% chance at the level 25 being purple. If you are successful then you can not deviate back to a blue colour for any part).

Did not work

Level 25 will be created using 1 purple material.


Level 30 will consist of all purple materials.

Did not work

If you have luck like me it has not worked. You have 2 choices. Follow the method that I personally use or you just keep trying with 1 material but each fail is wasting 1 purple and 5 blue materials. This is a lot.

The second method patience

I make all blue equipment to blacksmith level 25 and I make all of the different sets, build speed, recruit speed, healing speed, wounded limit, attack.

With any excess materials once I have this platform I start to produce purple items right through from level 1 consistently using all purple. It takes a long time but I had 1 successful chances attempt in 13 tries at level 25 for purple equipment and then I realised I could have almost made a new piece of purple equipment anyway

My level 30 equipment is all purple other than monster attack speed which is blue and the lvl 25 hospital item so kept at 30 which are also blue but these add another 50000 ish hospital capacity for my research.

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