Organising timed attacks

The army composition you will use will depend on what stage you are at in the game.

You could use

  • End game march
  • Lower tier meat shield
  • Archer mage lower tier meat shield
  • Solo march
  • If you severely outnumber the enemy then it’s an option to have 1 of each frontline troop per player and fill out with backline. You will nuke them before they get any kills but it’s risky.

It all depends on what you as an alliance have agreed upon and which losses are deemed acceptable.

Do nots for members

  1. No spam
  2. No scouting (it provides notification)
  3. No trying to overrule the party leader
  4. No linking co ordinates. This confuses people on their target
  5. Do not send our troops in front of the starting march. Behind is better you can speed to even the time out but when everyone creeps 1 or 2 seconds in front of the starting march it’s horrible. If you are consistently early then delay your actions by 3 or 5 seconds.

Please do

  1. Post times to target promptly.
  2. Watch your march
  3. Communicate where asked
  4. Pay attention to chat
  5. Watch your march
  6. Pay attention to march time don’t march in front of the starting march. It’s very important

For the leader

  1. Post your target
  2. Ask for times
  3. The person with the longest time is the starting march
  4. Tell them to go when ready
  5. When the member announces they will march they should say “in 5”
  6. That member should start marching the 5 seconds allows nearby times to be able to time it in.
  7. Do your attacking checklist always
  8. If you need to “recall”call it but you can not do this too late, people will get caught.
  9. Be careful of bubble traps this is why times must be accurate.
  10. Do not post next target until after the battle and the troops have started to return.
  11. Always watch and keep chat clear during the march

How to choose targets.

I always start with near by castles twice, never with an elite tile that’s 5 notifications.

  1. Nearby castle
  2. Nearby castle
  3. Far left
  4. Far right
  5. Central
  6. Far north
  7. Always revert back to a nearby castle if they actively defend. With big hives you can make them need to burn speed ups and sometimes they miss.
  8. Keep in mind the healing capability of the alliance. If they have a lot of spenders then they can keep healing and defending and causing loss. Providing they are not the best group you can burn through their healing capabilities very quickly.

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