Difference between early and end game attacking

Early in the game when the server is full of new players you can generally get away with any style of risky attack and it’s also a lot of fun. Port parties are easy to execute as your enemies are unlikely to be organised. You can use lower tier meat shield against bad defenders and you can use the rally to attack.

Don’t confuse winning an easy server and some early fights with how the real deal is. The fighting servers reach a point where we can not use any of the features mentioned above as we would be slaughtered.

The dynamic changes to become more about infantry meat shield. Tier 10 archers start to come into play with their 30% infantry damage bonus. Attacks all end up being speed attacks, speed defences and SOS/farming with SOS cover.

To execute a port party you need to outnumber the enemy by at least 4:1 or losses will be too big to sustain. You can not leave excess troops home ever. Even a few minutes without a shield will see your army wiped out.

Basically it does become a lot less enjoyable on a daily basis, I can spend 1 hour scouting on realm #165 and not even find a suitable target. This could be at any time of day as we are all very well seasoned and the players that didn’t take the steps necessary have all been killed and quit.

I do not intend to scare people from end game content because the events are a lot of fun :-).

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