Defending farms

Always shield to defend farms. Alliances can lure you to drop tags as all troops return home and then they can speed attack you

The most important thing is that some troops are always left home so that a battle starts when they are attacked the people can join. If there is no active battle then they just walk away with the resources and it’s infuriating for your team mate that is trying to defend. They may have even wasted gems but I’ll touch on this later.

As mentioned in farming setup (with my personal method) my farms will always have 8 troop types home unless I empty them myself. These include;

  • 2000 tier 1 infantry
  • 2000 tier 1 cavalry
  • 2000 tier 1 archers
  • 2000 tier 1 mages
  • 2000 tier 2 infantry
  • 2000 tier 2 archers
  • 2000 tier 2 mages
  • Whatever tier 2 cavalry are not gathering

This will be enough for a battle to start and a defender to join and if there is no one to defend then you have a low and short healing bill.

When you reach a moment in time that the attacked simply recalls as soon as you join the alliance in question to defend then your strategy must adapt.

The only way to defend on these circumstances is to be very fast and very concise with control.

  1. Wait until the attacker is 1 second away from the castle
  2. Once the battle starts speed in to join the defence. You must be quick

Do not feel the need to start speeding in to join the battle before the attacker arrives because he will see you and recall which means you just wasted your gems. Waiting for a battle to start will save you in the long run. Most defences are 900-1500 gems in 50% march speeds.

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