Bubble traps

Easy to execute on a poor incoming march.

Trapping a timed march
All you need to do is:

  • wait until the attackers are around 3-5 seconds away and activists the shield.
  • Drop the shield after the initial bulk returns by sending a scout or trying to attack and the shield will disappear
  • Catch the stragglers from the march and kill them

Speed attack bubble trap
A little harder to execute and you need to be fast. If a battle starts then it has failed as they will speed in and join that battle

  1. You must shield before the initial attacker lands at your castle
  2. The shield has prevented anyone else from marching on your castle
  3. You need to asses the situation quickly if your odds are good drop shield
  4. The people caught in the confusion and arriving shortly after the new attacker should be able to be caught and hopefully the battle ends before they manage to speed in a back up from everyone that was forced to miss

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    1. Scout a nearby castle or farm. If you have 2 devices then watch the incoming march from 1 and just wait to bubble at the right time with the other.

      Scouting or sending an attack will drop it instant but scouting is fastest as it has no preset screen

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